School Staff

Our Team of 
Kindergarten Team
KB - Blue Jays
Deborah McGivern
Tina Zurawski (RECE) On Leave                                            Mayora McCarthy (LTO ECE)
OLW Blue Jay Twitter@OLWBlueJays

KT - Tigers
Stacey MacKay 
Sharon Demers (RECE)
OLW Tigers Twitter@tigersjksk
Primary Grades
Grade 1L - Jennifer Lemire  @jlemire10
FSL - Michelle Gagnon
Grade1B -  Heather Jackson @mrsboddysclass
FSL - Lina Belanger
Grade 1/2 - Audrey Lawlor @OLWLawlor
FSL - Michelle Gagnon
Grade 2/3 - Jodi Rigley / Annette Thompson
FSL - Michelle Gagnon
Grade 3 - Louise LeVasseur @olwgrade3_4
FSL -  Michelle Gagnon

Junior Grades
Grade 4BJamie Mayo
Grade 3/4B - Michele Wahler / Denise Als    @OLWAls_Wahler
Grade 5IMM - Natalie Bergeron @mme_bergeron
Grade 5/6EXT- Celine Frappier @MrsFrappier
FSL - Lina Belanger
Grade 6IMM - Valerie Roy @OLWROY

Grade 3/4E - Michele Wahler / Denise Als 
FSL - Natalie Bergeron
Grade 4IMM - FSL Valerie Roy @OLWROY
Grade 5B - Lise Riberdy
Grade 5/6B- Celine Frappier @MrsFrappier
Grade 6B - Jamie Mayo

English as Second Language - Donna Crowley
Support Staff
Education Assistants - Michele Harding, Betty Taylor, Alison Strike, Eleesha Moore, Heather Godin, Melissa Williams
Library Technician - Elizabeth Hawkins-Brady 

Principal - Renee St-John 
Office Administrator - Jaime DeMarchi-Calvi 
Casual Office Administrator- Lynn Kirkpatrick
Teacher Designate - Laurie Lambourne
Resource Teachers - Laurie Lambourne / Lise Riberdy

Custodial Staff
Daytime Caretaker -Mickey Oliver
Evening Caretaker - Sok Cchem


About Our School

Opened in 1972, Our Lady of Wisdom School is located in Queenswood Heights, Orleans. Our goal is: "By learning, living and promoting the values of Jesus Christ, in a safe and happy environment, the community of Our Lady of Wisdom School strives to provide the knowledge, skills and values which will enable each person to reach full potential in spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development as lifelong learners who will contribute positively to Canadian society."

This contains information about school mission statement, various policies and procedures including medications, allergies.

School Hours
Open Entry
First Block
Second Block
Lunch recess
Third Block
Fourth Block
Dismissal warning
8:15 - 8:30
8:30 - 9:45
9:45 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:15   
11:15 - 11:35
11:35 - 12:15
12:15 - 13:30
13:30 - 13:45
13:45 - 15:00


Ms H. Jackson
 Grades 1B  Blog

Mrs Wahler and Mrs Als 
Grade 3/4 Blog

Mme Gagnon
2e Année - Un voyage amusant

3e Année - Lire pour lire

Activities, Clubs & Teams


Our Lady of Wisdom is proud to celebrate the achievement of being an EcoSchool. To become certified, a school must demonstrate achievement in at least four key areas: energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and school ground greening for shade and energy conservation. EcoSchools certification recognizes a school for its environmental initiatives, awarding the school bronze, silver or gold EcoSchool status depending on how fully the school has met the requirements of the program. EcoSchools use an innovative teaching model that helps students develop ecological literacy while engaged in practices to become environmentally responsible citizens. The certification process is designed to be achievable by beginners, while allowing experienced schools to take the program to its limits. Ontario EcoSchools is supported by the Ministries of Education and Environment. 

Affiliated Schools

750 Charlemagne Boulevard, Orléans
Phone: 613-837-9377 

Our Parish

6658 Bilberry Drive, Orleans
Phone:  613-834-7459